Industries We Serve

Crowley Chemical Company, Inc. serves many industries with their extensive knowledge and experience gained over their nearly 100 years in business.

Agricultural    Solvent carriers for herbicides and insecticides
   Specialty pitches, coal tar and petroleum oils for use in tap hole compounds
   Sealants and sound deadener materials
   Sealants, Adhesives, Waterproofing compounds
  Adhesives to improve tuft lock for commercial and modular carpets
Extenders for use with polyurethanes for carpet underlayment
  Solvents for industrial paints
Dust Contro
  Saturseal. Soil stabilization for unpaved surfaces
  Polyurethane extenders for sand molds
Highway Construction   Paving products, Joint sealers
Polymers for rejuvenation of road asphalt
Leather   Naphthenic/Aromatic grade of Viplex in leather softeners and fat liquors
Mining   Coal tar products to agglomerate coal fines and to briquette molybdenum and other ores
Paper   Laminating adhesives
Petroleum   Drawing and stamping oil additives
Resins to improve properties of grease
Inhibitors to reduce corrosion in oil well casing and piping
Additives to disperse sludge in oil storage tanks
Additives to modify properties of waxes and lubricants
Plastics   Vinyl plasticizers
Polyurethane extenders
Epoxy modifiers
Polyester additives 
Roofing   Asphalt modifiers to improve low temperature flexibility and to enhance UV resistance and durability
 Rubber   Tackifiers for tires
Oils to reclaim rubber from scrap tires
 Sports   Vycel extenders for polyurethane running tracks
Viplex for ground rubber/asphalt tracks
 Textile   Dye carriers for polyester fabrics
 Wood Preserving   Creosote for railroad ties, telephone poles, and marine piling

Crowley Chemical Company, Inc. produces and supplies organic chemicals derived from petroleum and coal tar.

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