Crowley Chemicals History

Crowley Chemical Company was founded in 1920. Our world headquarters is located in New York City, and we operate plants in Ohio and Oklahoma.

What makes Crowley Chemical truly unique is our ability to supply customers with organic chemicals derived from both petroleum and coal tar. The broad spectrum of our knowledge and experience, our consistent quality control, and hands-on, personal support are the hallmarks of the Crowley companies. 

With a spirit of innovation, we continually conduct research and development programs at major universities and research centers worldwide. 

Our group of organic chemicals from diverse raw material sources include:

Petrochemicals: Plasticizers/Extenders/Modifiers for PVC, polyurethanes, polyesters, epoxies, and elastomers. Polymer modifiers for sealants, adhesives, roofing membranes, and rejuvenation of road asphalt. Aromatic non-carcinogenic solvents.

 Coal Tar Products: Crude tar for distillation to refined products, refined tar for road paving, creosote oil for wood preservation, naphthalenes for sulphonation, and coal tar pitch for roofing.

97 Years of Service in the Chemical Industry

A Look Back in History

In many ways, the history of the Crowley Companies mirrors the evolution of the chemical industry in the United States. 

Daniel L. Crowley founded Crowley Tar Products Company. During the 1920s, the company functioned as a trading company in coal tar products and pine derived chemicals.

We built our first plant in Keyport, New Jersey, to manufacture benzene toluene, xylene, and solvent naphtha, then another in Portland, Oregon, to produce naphthalene. Both were based on by-products from manufactured gas.

Tar distillation began in High Point, North Carolina, where we made road tar, creosote oil, and methyl naphthalenes. International trade grew with imports of cresylic acid and naphthalene.

Crowley Chemical Company was formed and our first petrochemical plant went into operation in Oklahoma City. Products included aromatic polymers and plasticizers and Crowley become the largest U.S. supplier of rubber reclaiming oils to tire and rubber manufacturers. Market development on amorphous polypropylene (APP) put us in the forefront of APP sales for hot melt adhesives, sealants, and single-ply roofing.

Crowley operations started at our plant at Kent, Ohio. Developed our line of Viplex vinyl plasticizers, Syn-Fab polyester dye carriers, Polytac adhesives, Rosinal rubber tackifiers, Peptrex rubber softeners, Inhibitor J for oil well compounds, and Cyclo-Flo for improving oil well flow.

Crowley Chemical Company was sold to William J. Jennings.

Crowley expanded its distribution system by leasing storage tanks in Texas, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey and warehouse space in several locations. We also added to our tank car fleet.

Crowley entered the asphalt-modified single ply roofing market allowing roofing material to be simply rolled on flat roofs. A key additive was Supertac APP which was supplied nationwide to meet the new demand. Crowley began marketing surface sealing coal tar used for airports and residential / commercial parking areas. Our supply of creosote oil to the wood preserving industry began.

Partnership agreements were formed with (1) a European tar distiller to import ultra-pure naphthalene in isotanks for manufacturers of sulphonates (2) and a European producer of amorphous polyalphaolefin (APAO) for sales to the roofing industry. Crowley also expanded our range of Viplex plasticizer/extenders into new markets. Our Vycel products were developed for use in polyurethane systems including Carpet Cushion Adhesive systems and Tire Fill formulations.

Crowley continued its development of products for new markets including Wood Binder Adhesive and Water Proofing Membrane Extenders. Plant expansions at both the Kent, Ohio, and Oklahoma City plants. Quality control equipment and electronic data services are continually being upgraded.

Company purchased by LC Group Inc., led by William A Callanan, CEO.

Our R&D staff and our marketing groups are opening new markets. Many of our new products are free of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and are biodegradable and non-Crowley acquired the manufacturing License & Technology Rights for HyRAP allowing the successful manufacture of up to 100% Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) hot mixes.

First dedicated HyRAP plant operations began in Fort Wayne, IN by Brooks Construction.

Acquired Rusmar Inc. ( Rusmar Inc. is a specialty manufacturer and provider of aqueous foams and application equipment for emissions & odor control and Mine safety. The company is located in West Chester, PA and business units focused on the Municipal Solid Waste Landfill, Remediation, and Mining industries.

Crowley Chemical Company, Inc. produces and supplies organic chemicals derived from petroleum and coal tar.

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